Counseling can often provide relief from both the short term and long term problems which diminish a person's quality of life.  At Insight Counselors we aim to give each and every client the tools, techniques and knowledge that will not only help them regain their feelings of mental well being, and/or control as quickly as possible, but will also be useful to them in managing future life events.

Every client is an individual.  Carol strives to provide services specifically tailored to the needs of each person she sees.  She serves adults, adolescents and children with EMDR, a therapy designed to maximize gains in the most efficient time frame.  Carol is an expert in her field.

Carol works to be emotionally healthy herself.  She tries to be reasonable in her fees.  Our office policies are written clearly, detailing practices representing responsible ethics and values.  She will never ask you to engage with her outside of the client/therapist professional relationship.  She believes such practices compromise psychotherapy.  She is available by phone for emergencies.

We hope that this website will provide you with useful information about Carol's practice.  Please feel free to use the contact us page if Carol can be of any assistance to you.