1. the capacity to determine the true nature of a situation.
  2. the act or outcome of grasping the inner nature of things through intuitive perception.

Life presents challenges - daily, hourly, minute to minute.  It seems that none of us can avoid them.  Out only real choice is whether we use them to help weave the fabric of who we are becoming, or see them as roadblocks that keep us from enjoying our becoming.

Counseling can provide a trained, listening ear and a safe forum where individuals can refocus and resolve problems that are too difficult to handle alone, develop new skills for coping with life, or put an end to memories that continue to disrupt life in the present moment.  Hope!

Often there is a sense, as counseling proceeds, that life is becoming easier.  Something is changing and there is a brighter look to each day.  This can happen so gradually that others seem to notice the growth first.  For some, there are rapid, significant shifts.  Individual differences and the "fit" between therapist and client are some important determinants in how therapy might proceed.